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These are equally as tasty as Biryani!
Biryani is probably the first thing that pops up in your mind when you think of Hyderabad. We don’t blame you as it deserves all the attention. But we know there’s more to Hyderabad’s impressive culinary scene than just that. 
We have curated a list of all the yummy treats you can indulge in the next time you visit the city. 
1. Pesarattu Dosa
Pesarattu Dosa or Moong Dal Dosa is one of the most popular breakfast dishes in Hyderabad that is both nutritious and yummy. Side it with ginger chutney and this seemingly simple dish suddenly becomes your favourite food on the planet. 

Foods To Try In Hyderabad In A Day That Are Not Biryani
2. Mirchi ka Salan
There are no troubles in the world that won’t fade away when you allow the hot-pungent taste of Mirchi ka Salan to transport you into a food coma. The most accurate combination of coconut, sesame seeds, peanuts and green chillis EVER! 

foods to eat in Hyderabad
3. Hyderabadi Marag
There is no better way to dive into a Hyderabadi menu than relishing this spicy-meaty soup. Prepared with tender mutton and light on the texture, this is one soup that can never go wrong. 
Foods to eat in Hyderabad

4. Maghaz Masala
This traditional Hyderabadi lamb dish will leave you licking your fingers by the time you are done devouring it. It features among the top dishes of every non-veg lover in Hyderabad. Taste it to believe it! 
foods to eat in Hyderabad
5. Gosht Pasinde
This rich mutton preparation is said to have been a favourite in the courts of Mughal emperors. Laden with a delightful aroma and spicy flavours, we can totally see why it was and still continues to be such a hit among all the foodies.
Foods to try in Hyderabad
6. Lukhmi
No Hyderabadi wedding is complete without serving this oddly shaped yet delectable samosas as starters. These little age-old snack items filled with minced meat and tangy flavours are just what you need to experience foodgasm. 
Foods to try in Hyderabad
7. Sheer Khurma
If you are someone who has a sweet tooth, you cannot afford to miss out on this delicacy. Sheer Khurma is basically vermicelli pudding with dates, dry fruits and sweetened milk. This sweet dish becomes a part of all the festivals and functions in Hyderabad.
Foods to try in Hyderabad
8. Shahi Tukda
Shahi tukda lives up to its name and really takes you back to the era of nawabs and royals. Who would have thought pieces of bread topped in rabdi and garnished with loads of dry fruits could taste so scrumptious?!
Foods to try in Hyderabad

Tempted much? Plan your trip to Hyderabad now! 


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