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This open-air eatery is all about a good time snack in the middle of CP Market. If you give it a miss, you will miss it.

Off the Ring Road at Connaught Place in Delhi, Tamasha is a landmark in itself! It got its popularity around the time the movie ‘Tamasha’ was released, and though the hype may have died down after a while, the place has been dishing out hit food and drinks ever since! It is one of the few establishments that enjoys the luxury of ‘space’ in CP. They have spacious open-air seating and a large yet cozy indoor set-up.

They have quite an extensive cocktail menu and a tonne of finger foods to choose from. Ordering here was quite a dramatic affair – there was so much to choose from. It’s one of those places that will tempt you to order what you see on the next table. 

There’s a lot I ordered, ate and enjoyed. But, let’s talk drinks for a bit. They’ve got cocktails from anywhere and everywhere! And some of them, I honestly cannot imagine as a blend or mixture. But, like the signatures that I tried, I am willing to give them the benefit of doubt.

This drink was berry perfect with a dash of citrus. The blueberry, peach and rosemary blend worked so smoothly with Smirnoff vodka that I was floored. It is a bright, fruity, thick cocktail and is an ideal lunch drink.

Everybody Needs Some ‘Tamasha’ In Their Life

Order their Kalonji Mutton Kebabs and I assure you, you’re in for a mouth-watering treat! Their Malabar paratha is layered with an omelette and the kebabs in themselves are juicy, spicy and delicious. This is one of their specialty dishes and quite justifiably so.

Everybody Needs Some ‘Tamasha’ In Their Life

Who’d have thought that Johnnie Walker and plain ol’ ginger ale would make for a fun cocktail? I, for one, was pleasantly surprised! They tweaked the cocktail for me by making it with JW Black Label instead of the usual Red Label. But hey, I’m not complaining. It was refreshing, tangy and something you can try at home too!

Everybody Needs Some ‘Tamasha’ In Their Life

This thin crust delight is really and truly understated. It is a well-made pizza with spiciness of green chillies perfectly blended with cheese and in-house tomato sauce. The fresh basil leaves that garnish the pizza add to it’s taste, much to my delight.

Everybody Needs Some ‘Tamasha’ In Their Life

It is established that ginger ale goes well with whisky. Add apple caviar, in-house bitters and lime to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a smooth cocktail made with Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Surprisingly, this one tastes really good and yet, is entirely different from the other ginger ale cocktail. It was served in a short glass but was a powerful (s)mash-up of flavours.

Everybody Needs Some ‘Tamasha’ In Their Life

Adding glitter to sparkling wine is quite a task. Tanqueray Gin set out to do just that. And it was a brave move! The very first sip will not warm you up to this combination. However, it does become pleasant by the second or third sip. The French 75 is a picture-perfect drink. But think of it more like contemporary cinema - not everyone will like it. However, those who do like it, will really love it and simply claim that the others don’t understand the genre.

Everybody Needs Some ‘Tamasha’ In Their Life

Remember I said that this place makes you want to order what you see on someone else’s table? Well that happened to me!

This was probably the twist in my story. We ordered fried prawns coated with wasabi and mayo. They were large, well-cooked, tasty and green, but they weren’t spicy! I didn’t mind the lack of spice because the way they were cooked made up for it. But I do wish we got more wasabi than mayo which did not happen.

Everybody Needs Some ‘Tamasha’ In Their Life

We were served these corn and cheese kebabs with biryani and a mini naan. This dish is proof that the little things add up. While the kebabs were well-charred and cheesy, the biryani was spiced with jalapeno and was every bit satisfying. The sheer creaminess of the kebabs and the flavour of everything served on this plate make it one of the best vegetarian kebabs I’ve eaten. If you’re a vegetarian who isn’t a paneer person, you’re going to relish this.

Everybody Needs Some ‘Tamasha’ In Their Life

Tamasha is a popular hang-out with every kind of crowd. Their diversity in indoor and outdoor seating, extensive food and drink menu and accommodating servers make it a worthwhile visit. The food is enjoyable and the drinks are pleasant, and mostly, things here are reasonably priced. I’d say, ‘Doston ke saath Tamasha Jao, Mazaa Aayega.’

Rate Card
Food: 4.5 out of 5
Drinks: 4.5 out of 5
Ambience: 4 out of 5
Staff: 4 out of 5
Value for money: 4 out of 5

*Drink Responsibly! 


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