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Japanese, Cantonese, Malaysian, Thai and Singaporean⁠—here’s your chance to hit all the right stops with Chimichurri.

You’re a smart person. I dig that. You’d probably think twice before making a trip to Sakinaka, especially on a weeknight. However, what if I told you that the new restaurant, Chimichurri, makes even a trip to Sakinaka totally worth it? An all-day-diner, packed with absolute Asian comfort food, Chimichurri is sure to leave your worries at the door and take your taste buds on a complete joyride.

With bright and spacious interiors, Chimichurri is one of those few restaurants that effortlessly strikes a sweet spot for family celebrations as well as date-night. Bookmark this place. It will come in handy when you’re asked to recommend a decent joint and you don’t want to do the research. The music is neither blaring nor inaudible. And the large screens behind the bar make it a great place to catch up with friends over a game and drinks. Although the bar is at the back, it grabs all the attention. And since it was calling out to us, we decided to take our first round of drinks there.

The first pick: Peri-Peri Chimichurri
A mixture of gin and jalapenos finished with signature peri-peri masala. Personally, cocktails like the Bloody Mary, from the name to the ingredients, scare me off a little. But the Peri-Peri Chimmicurri with its tangy and fiery flavour was the hit I needed to appreciate the spice in life. This drink is an ideal choice for people who love their savoury cocktails and those who’d love to give them a try!

Chimichurri Marol Restaurant

Topped with the China Valley
The China Valley is a smokey combination of cranberry juice, Smirnoff vodka, passion fruit sweet and sour mix and is finished with a smoked cinnamon stick. This elegant drink was steaming with awesomeness. It is light, fruity and refreshing. The misty smoke that escaped the drink gives it a beautiful oriental touch that helps it live up to its name.


Salmon, Philadelphia and Asparagus Sushi
You’re bound to feel spoiled for choice between the baos, dimsums and sushi options at Chimichurri. But the Salmon, Philadelphia and Asparagus Sushi was definitely a good pick. With a perfect balance of freshness from the fish and crunch from the asparagus, this dish is sure to pull you out of your sushi-craving woes.



Trio Mushroom Sui Mai
The Trio Mushroom Sui Mai comes generously packed with flavour and retains all the comfort that dimsums have to offer. It is, however, slightly tame and would appeal to someone who doesn’t actively crave spice in all their meals.

Trio Mushroom Sui Mai Chimichurri


Thai Red Curry Chicken
You’ve heard it once, you’re hearing it again - there really is nothing more comforting than a bowl of Thai Curry and Jasmine Rice. The one served at Chimichurri particularly is packed with umami that can be easily equated to the warmth of a bear hug. The chicken was juicy as ever and the flavours were simply spot on! You’d want another bowl, but trust me you’d need space for dessert.

Thai Red Curry Chicken Chimichurri

Coconut Pannacotta with Praline and Ginger Glaze
The coconut pannacotta offers a refreshing break from the usual chocolate choices and lets your taste buds tingle with the creamy textures of coconut, the spice of ginger and the crunchiness of praline. What’s more? When it arrives, the pannacotta does a bit of a wobble and you can’t help but marvel at a dish that effortlessly holds it all together!

Coconut Pannacotta Chimichurri

tl;dr? I GOAT You!
Whether you’re willing to make the effort, or you just happen to be one of the million people stuck at Sakinaka’s signal - you need to stop complaining and start walking towards Chimichurri. This all-day-diner delivers on both fronts - flavour and ambience. I promise, you’re going to have a really good time.

Food: 5 out of 5
Drinks: 4.5 out of 5
Ambience: 4 out of 5
Staff: 5 out of 5
Value for money: 5 out of 5

P.s. Happiness is when you’re at Sakinaka on a Friday evening and you don’t want to leave!

Drink Responsibly!


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