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Breakfast Places In Bengaluru Where You Can Eat Your Heart Out


Yes, we love partying in Bengaluru as much as the next person, but we believe that there’s something special about breakfast too. Maybe it’s the sheer number of satisfying options - from plates of fluffy idlis to Instagram-worthy breakfast trays, Bengaluru offers something to suit every palate. Whether you’d like to start your day in a fancy setting, or while sipping on some hot filter kaapi, we've rounded up the ultimate list.

Make the most important meal of your day the best one at these excellent breakfast spots in Bengaluru

Taaza Thindi

Picture-friendly and mouth-watering, the idlis at Taaza Thindi with the accompanying green chutney draws in endless crowds. Grab a ticket at the counter and pick up your order at the live stations; the self-service here is what will make your visit even better. The idlis are soft and pillowy, the vadas are just perfectly crunchy, and the dosas are glossy with ghee. End your meal with a steaming cup of coffee or tea and don’t be surprised if the whole experience costs you under 50 rupees!

LiveInStyle Loves: The blissful idli which will cost you just 20 rupees for a plate.

Breakfast Places In Bengaluru Where You Can Eat Your Heart Out

Smoke House Deli

With its airy, comforting, and bright ambience, the glass-walled Smoke House Deli at Indiranagar makes for an ideal leisurely breakfast space. Ideal for a visit all day long, but even more so for breakfast owing to their popular egg preparations, Smoke House Deli is an all-rounder in terms of food and service as well. Pair your eggs with a tea from the vast menu or spoon some of the crumble tart, we’re sure you’ll be left with a smile on your face throughout the meal!

LiveInStyle Loves: The Masala Salli Omelette, made Irani style and stuffed with crispy potato sticks.

Breakfast Places In Bengaluru Where You Can Eat Your Heart Out

The Hole In The Wall Café

Nothing says breakfast more than the waffles at this Koramangala café. Fit for a late Sunday breakfast, it offers the most delicious waffles, pancakes, and breakfast platters, all day long. It’s calm and cosy ambience makes you want to curl up in a corner with some chocolate for company. An easy breakfast recommendation by most Bengalureans, it’s not surprising to see why once you bite into their food!

LiveInStyle Loves: The Pancakes served with whipped cream, maple syrup and lots of strawberries.

Breakfast Places In Bengaluru Where You Can Eat Your Heart Out

Koramangala Social

The urban jungle that encompasses the entirety of this Social outpost gives you major vacation vibes as soon as you set foot inside. If feasting on one of their signature breakfast platters while sitting in a greenhouse sounds like your kind of breakfast plan, this will become your new favourite. With its upcycled furniture, gabion walls, and lush view of Koramangala, Social entices you to go forth and get a second order of breakfast. Now don’t come back and say we didn’t warn you, alright?

LiveInStyle Loves: The coffee from their in-house brand Roasted Today goes well with all the breakfast items.

Breakfast Places In Bengaluru Where You Can Eat Your Heart Out

Soda Bottle Opener Wala

Soda Bottle Opener Wala charms you with its yesteryear Irani café staples - food, decor, and happiness. In case the quaint ambience and knick-knacks lining the wall don't do the trick, their breakfast menu will make you want to rush here in the A.M. Their signature Pheteli Coffee makes for a great opening trick so make sure you down at least one cup of this sweet nectar along with the Brun Maska.

LiveInStyle Loves: The Eggs Kejriwal served with cheesy mushroom toast, topped with sunshine eggs.

Breakfast Places In Bengaluru Where You Can Eat Your Heart Out

Image credits: @gurrpreetkaur, @thebombaybread, @manyuisthebest, @socialoffline, @sbowindia

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