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'Abhi toh party shuru hui hai!'

Well, the weekend may be over, but the party spirit is still on. I mean, who doesn’t like a good party with some nice music and mouth-watering food? If this is the case, then choosing the right place tops as a high priority. The question arises how do you do that?

What you don’t have to do, is pick and try all the places you have come across till you have burnt a hole in your pocket. Those days are a thing of the past. So, try out these places from the list especially curated to feed that party star within you.

1. Yeda Republic- Juhu 
If you are looking for amazing ambience, and oh-so-happening dance floor then, this is one of the best after-party spots in Mumbai. Once you enter, you will be transported to a different realm altogether. Mix-match of colours along with soft lightings makes for a perfect evening getaway. Dress your best because you don’t want to be under-dressed now, would you?

The Best After Party Spots in Mumbai To Head To

Mitron- Andheri
Still not done dancing for the night? Then, you must head to Mitron. This suburban joint offers a glimpse of the famous night life of Mumbai that everyone talks about. What’s more is that the interiors are especially designed to celebrate the essence of “friendship.” (Mitron= Friends get it?) So, the next time you and your friends want to have a good time, you know where to be.

The Best After Party Spots in Mumbai To Head To

3. Drop- Bandra
When it comes to best after party spots in Mumbai then Drop should be your stop. Move over pre-planning and pre-booking. You simply have to walk in and enjoy the “party-esque” vibe flowing in the air. Moreover, they have excellent services which will not only make you feel welcome but will also add in to the ambience of the place.

The Best After Party Spots in Mumbai To Head To

5. MRP (My Regular Place)- Dadar
MRP is the exact definition of everything “chill.” True to its name, it offers indoor and outdoor seating, board games, valet parking and what not. Need a place to head to after the thrill of an exciting party? This is one spot you can continue having fun at with your friends.

The Best After Party Spots in Mumbai To Head To


5. The Stables- Andheri
What’s the Stables if not classy? To start with, it has impressive wooden décor, live music and quick service. Not to forget, it has dusky interiors and soft lighting which will perfectly set the mood. One can say that if you know The Stables then you know the best after party spots in Mumbai.

The Best After Party Spots in Mumbai To Head To

So, now you don’t have to fret about the best after party spots in Mumbai. Without any further ado, head over to these places already!


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