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Right from the chaat on the street to their unique take on delicacies from across the globe, literally, every food in Hyderabad makes my mouth water. 

Now when you think of the city of Nawabs, you’re probably thinking of the succulent chicken or lazeez lamb biryani, right? They are the most famous dishes of Hyderabad. But it’s not just about the meaty cuisine, Hyderabad is the most vegan-friendly city in the country, according to PETA. 

It’s the most accommodative city in the country as far as food is concerned.
That’s why it’s no wonder that UNESCO recently recognised Hyderabad as the creative “City of Gastronomy” on #WorldCitiesDay. It has something for everyone. 

This city will single-handedly make the foodie in you fall in love with its very rich culinary culture and the variety it has to offer, including savouries, desserts and other famous dishes of Hyderabad available pretty much everywhere. 

You’ve got to try these dishes to know just how true that is. 

 1.  Malai Paya - Hotel Nayaab, Ghansi Bazaar
Hotel Nayaab is one of the most authentic Irani establishments in Hyderabad. Their signature Malai Paya comes with delicious red gravy and is extremely affordable. Don’t forget to call for Kesar ki Chai while you’re binging. Nayaab opens as early as 4 am, so you can gorge on their food right at the start of your day.

malaia paya hotel nayaam hyderabad

2. Double Ka Meetha - Cafe Bahar, Himayatnagar
If you’re someone who enjoys something sweet with every meal, you’re going to be hooked on to Double Ka Meetha aka Shahi Tukda at Cafe Bahar. It’s literally bread slices soaked together in cardamom milk and saffron which in time swells up to double the size. Now the name makes sense, doesn’t it?

double ka meetha cafe bahar hyderabad

3. Osmania Biscuits - Subhan Bakery, Nampally Market Road
Subhan Bakery has been around for more than a century and it stores the best biscuits in all of Hyderabad. Head over for a scrumptious mix of flavours and textures across their baked products. Their biscuits come in signature wooden boxes for you to take home. Their buttery Osmania biscuits are very popular across the country. You’d definitely want to take multiple boxes back home with you!

osmania biscuit subhan bakery hyderabad

4. Jauzi Halwa - Hameedi Confectioners, Nampally
Think Turkey in India, that’s Hameedi Confectioners for you! Over 100 years old, Hameedi Confectioners has the best Jauzi Halwa in the city. This Hyderabadi sweet dish is made with nutmeg, milk, wheat flour, lots of ghee, dry fruits and saffron. It’s very high on flavour and super light on sugar! And Hameedi Confectioners serves the best one. Make sure to also help yourself to a scoop of their hand-churned ice creams like kesar, honey and saffron while you’re there.

jauzi halwa hyderabad

5. Sakinalu - Sreedevi Swagruha Foods, Nacharam
Sakinalu is a special type of fried snack in Hyderabad. Think of it as a variation of a murukku, ie. deep fried cute circles of rice flour dough topped with spices. Sakinalu is cooked in massive quantities during Makar Sankranti in a lot of cultures. Sreedevi Swagruha in Nacharam has the best Sakinalu in Hyderabad and I’ll say this - Your trip will be incomplete without getting your hands on this. 

sakinalu sreedevi swagruha foods hyderabad


6. Putharekulu - G. Pulla Reddy, Multiple Outlets
Being cooked on an earthen-pot fire gives Putarekulu the unique flavour that it has! This also makes it one of the most difficult sweets to make in Hyderabad! G. Pulla Reddy in Hyderabad serves these delicious paper sweets delicately folded with sugar and rice powder sheets.

putharekulu food g pulla reddy hyderabad

7. Keema Samosa - Sahib's Barbeque, Hitech City
Keema Samosa at Sahib’s Barbeque will make you want to book your tickets to Hyderabad right away! There’s literally nothing not to love here. Maida - yum, mutton keema - double yum, deep-fried everything is definitely first love for me. Keema Samosa in Hyderabad will make sure you keep binging on it calling it a ‘cheat day’ in the end for sure.  

keema samosa, sahib barbeque hderbad

Doesn't these seem like the perfect food pairing to share over a glass of Black & White whisky? 

8. Vegan Desserts - Smart Alec - Alternative Deli, Hitech City
Smart Alec in Hitech City has the best vegan cuisine in all of Hyderabad. Everything from their appetisers to their large plates is vegan-friendly and has gluten-free variations! Don’t forget to get your hands on their Malaysian Laksa Curry, their mock chicken Butter Chicken and literally everything on their confectionery & cakes menu. Their gluten-free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie is to die for!

vegan cake dessert smart alec

So, when are you planning your next gastronomical getaway to this city of flavours?
*Drink Responsibly!


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