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Because moving homes is truly a major commitment

Moving to a new city on your own can be unnerving and exhilarating at the same time. Unnerving because you will be all alone in a completely new place and exhilarating because it is full of endless new possibilities. Especially, if it’s the first time, it can be even more daunting to step out of your comfort zone and face the world. I still have a vivid memory of all the things I felt when I moved from Delhi to my current city, aamchi Mumbai.

Here are some emotions that I felt while relocating. Let’s see if you relate?

1. The never-ending process of packing
It all starts at home with the endless packing where you can’t decide what to take with you and what best to leave. The flight tickets are booked for the next day but you have a long restless night ahead of you putting things in your suitcase only to take them out and then put them back again.  

6 Things You Go Through When You Move To A New City
2. Butterflies in the tummy
Yay! You have finally arrived in the new city. You are over the moon and can't seem to calm down. You want to explore all of it on the very first day and make it your own. Plus, you get to doll up your new home and feel blissful.

6 Things You Go Through When You Move To A New City

3. Lonely. Oh, I’m so lonely!
The initial enthusiasm has died down and suddenly you realise you have no one to call your own in this strange unknown city. You miss your yaars you’d chill with over a glass of McDowell’s back home. You miss your family. Where do you go from here now?

6 Things You Go Through When You Move To A New City
4. To do list – Make Friends
Why is making new yaars so hard? Nevertheless, you begin your quest of mingling with people whose levels of idiosyncrasies are in sync with you. After all, you need someone to show you around the city and tell you all the places where you get good food. Right?

6 Things You Go Through When You Move To A New City
5. I can do this
Life in the new city sort of begins to fall into place. Gradually, you become more confident in your new apartment, with a new set of yaars and a new job. You know the best grocery store on your street and the best restaurant for sushi. You know the best routes and trains to get to work.

6 Things You Go Through When You Move To A New City
6. Or, maybe not
Yes, you have adjusted well to the new city but you still miss your folks. You miss the comfort of your old routine and your heart is still back in your home city. You feel maybe moving wasn’t such a great idea after all. So, you consider moving to your root. We’ve all done it at some point. 
Some move back and some stick by the new city to eventually realise that one day this too becomes a home far away from home. 

6 Things You Go Through When You Move To A New City

While it’s not easy to move to a new city, it is a real adventure. Have you felt any of these emotions on your relocation adventure?

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