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Saylee Padwal

If you think your girlfriend has been dropping hints about something special coming up, or your boyfriend has been sharing lovey-dovey forwards with you, you’d better know that love is in the air.

And if you haven’t even started planning yet for V-day, worry not, and consider us your cupid.

Starting from breakfast, to a gourmet dining experience, we’ve planned an itinerary for you to follow on the day of love – which you won’t be able to resist!

Here’s what you can do to think outside the box (of chocolates!)

Cook Breakfast Together
08:00 | Home - Kitchen

Forget breakfast in bed, why not make some pancakes together this time around? You don’t have to be a chef to do it, and we’re sure you’ll end up cooking a memorable meal! Prepare a menu together consisting of all your favourite brekkie items and prep up by doing a little grocery shopping. We think supermarket dates are the best, and nothing beats cooking together a wonderful meal.
Here's How To Plan Your Romantic Valentine's Day

Watch A Movie You Both Love
12:00 | Home - Living Room

If your idea of ultimate romance is a Netflix-and-chill afternoon, we've got you covered. Go through your personal movie collection or revisit a movie you both streamed together ages ago to get into the romantic spirit. With loads of options to choose from, you’ll never be at a loss of mush when it comes to romantic movies. So, make some buttery popcorn and enjoy a romantic movie at lunch!
Here's How To Plan Your Romantic Valentine's Day

Find Love In An Escape Room
15:00 | Escape Room

How about a love lock-in? Escape rooms have been taking the country by storm and they make for a great date idea. Clue Hunt in Mumbai and Escape Room in Bangalore are great options. Head out to one with the most amazing themes and let your partner be the Sherlock to your Watson. Solve a series of fun puzzles and riddles using clues and hints to complete the objective at hand and there will be plenty to talk about after the date is over!
Here's How To Plan Your Romantic Valentine's Day

Watch The Sunset Together
18:00 | Favourite Spot On Terrace

Visit the nearest beach or get to your terrace and watch the sun set as you whisper sweet nothings to each other. And if you find this cliche, surprise them with a little token of affection as they’re looking away. A DIY gift or even a handwritten note – the possibilities are endless when it comes to showing you care, with a personal touch.
Here's How To Plan Your Romantic Valentine's Day

Recreate Your First Date
20:00 | Fancy restaurant

Your first date was a magical night you’re bound to never forget. It was that evening when you put your relationship on a beautiful path, so why not recreate that magic, yet again? Take your beau out on a memorable gourmet dinner at a dazzling restaurant. And, thankfully with experiences like EazyDiner, you won’t be confused over where to go. EazyDiner and Johnnie Walker have come together to give an exclusive gourmet meal that you can gift your love with Gifting Experiences. Curated menus with the finest selection of food pairings at the top restaurants in your city are sure to make their heart melt!
Here's How To Plan Your Romantic Valentine's Day

All prepped for the big day? We hope we’ve managed to hit you with cupid’s arrows once again!

And, if you have any other memorable experiences to share with our readers, do so in the comments below!

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