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Dairy and alcohol, they go along more than people realise. This combination has its own fan following. Don’t believe us? Well, we had a word with our in-house expert and Brand Ambassador, Reserve Portfolio at Diageo- Zachary Abbott and he confirms it. According to Zachary, dairy and alcohol when correctly combined can ensnare the senses and delight the palate.

Now a few home bartenders will right away be claiming that the whisky sour or any sour for that matter or flip (cocktails containing a whole egg) as the original combination. But contrary to popular belief eggs are not actually dairy.  Although usually grouped together as they are both animal byproducts.

So, when you bring these two elements together, you will get something which is par excellence. Something which you will remember for a long time. Here are some delicious dairy cocktails recipes that you can try for a change.

The White Russian

A modern classic brought back into popularity by the 1998 film The Big Lebowski’s ‘dude’ played by Jeff Bridges

30ml Ketel One Vodka
30ml Coffee liqueur (or just espresso with sugar)

Just add to your favorite tumbler and enjoy dude.

Up Your Milk Intake With These Delicious Dairy Cocktails

The Abbott Family Flip

A not so old family recipe that pairs the actual fresh cream with the creaminess of the quail egg and Speyside malt, Singleton of Glendullan.

45ml Singleton of Glendullan
15ml Talisker
Half teaspoon marmalade
1 drop orange blossom water
1 quail egg

1 Cherry
30ml cream
30ml milk

Blend all ingredients together and either pour over ice without.
Up Your Milk Intake With These Delicious Dairy Cocktails

One More?

After a long day, you can unload yourself on a comfortable sofa and keep asking for “one more.” It is a perfect Cocktail after 9pm.

45ml Johnnie Walker Double Black
15ml Jaggery syrup
90ml Espresso
Tea spoon mascarpone cheese
Top with whipped cream
Coffee Powder

Shake cocktail and whipped cream last, grate orange zest over top. In the end, dust some coffee powder over it and enjoy.
Up Your Milk Intake With These Delicious Dairy Cocktails

Ram-os Gin Fizz
A classical cocktail balanced with multiple sours elements and sweet.  This Desi twist uses mango lassie instead of half and half cream and milk.
50ml Tanqueray 10
10ml lemon juice
10ml lime juice
15ml sugar syrup
2 drops orange flower water
2 drops vanilla extract
20ml pasteurized egg white
50ml mango lassie
Blend all ingredients other than soda very, very well.  Pour into glass until 70 percent filled and very slowly add chilled soda water.  Garnish with a smile, you’ve done enough already!
Up Your Milk Intake With These Delicious Dairy Cocktails

So, the next time you find yourself at a local cocktail bar, why not ask your bartender “Got Milk?”

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