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6y ago

Wine Spritzer Cocktail

The Wine Spritzer is a cocktail that is best suitable for warding off the summer heat. It is believed to have originated in Hungary. The Hungarian author Andras Fay had apparently invited his friends to his house to look at the wine collection in his wine cellar. His friend Anyos Jedlik, a scientist by profession, had brought him one of the first bottles of soda water, which had newly been invented then.


To make the wine spritzer cocktail, you would need:



To prepare the cocktail, you need to half fill a glass with ice, crushed or cube. Add chilled Four Seasons Red Wine or White Wine, whichever you prefer more, to the glass. Add chilled club soda or sparkling water to the mix. You can garnish the cocktail or give it an appealing touch by adding some fruits into the drink. This wine spritzer cocktail recipe is easy to make and can be prepared within a few minutes, making it the perfect drink to be served at house parties.

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