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White Russian Cocktail Recipe

White Russian Cocktail, very contrarily, did not actually originate in Russia, but was named thus due to its base ingredient being Vodka. The Black Russian Cocktail, too, has the same recipe as the White Russian sans the fresh cream. It is, however, unclear as to which drink was introduced first among the two. The first literary mention of the White Russian Cocktail was on the November 21st, 1965 edition of California Oakland’s Tribune.


To make a White Russian Cocktail, you need some coffee liqueur (about 20 ml), Smirnoff Vodka (about 50 ml), fresh cream (about 50 ml), and some ice. You can also use milk as substitute due to its easy availability compared to fresh cream. 


The White Russian Cocktail Recipe is simple to make with the least number of ingredients required. To make the cocktail, you need to pour the coffee liqueur along with the vodka into an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice. Add some fresh cream on top of the mix and stir slowly. With a light caramel colour, the delicious cocktail would make for a wonderful drink to savour anytime of the day. You can also change the proportion of the contents according to your preference to make the perfect drink for you to relish.

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