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Very Berry Christmas Cocktails To Make Your Festive Parties More Delicious

Vanessa Luis
Sip on these before the year ends!

Christmas comes in many flavours. From sweet frosting to spiced up cinnamon and piquant berries, there’s a little bit of a festive feeling in all of them. My favourite of the lot, is, of course, those luscious berries that can be used in so many delicious dishes and drinks, including cocktails.  

Here are some tried and tested berry flavoured vodka drinks to sip on all your parties from Christmas to New Year. 

Pink Poodle
Make the most of strawberry season with this cocktail concocted from strawberry crush.
45 ml Smirnoff vodka 
80ml Pineapple juice 
20 Strawberry crush 
Half scoop Vanilla Ice Cream 
Pineapple / Strawberry Slice, for garnish

In a shaker filled with ice, shake all the above and served in a tall glass. 
It could be made bright red by adding grenadine. 
Garnish with strawberry slices. 
Serve Pink Poodle Vodka Cocktail chill.

christmas berry cocktail

Pinky Royale
Raspberries are the perfect fruit for making a delicious cocktail. Whether you use fresh raspberries or raspberry liqueur, either way, it gives you a slightly sweet drink that feels festive.
30 ml Smirnoff vodka 
40 ml Raspberry liqueur 
10 ml simple syrup 
Peach bitters 
Edible flowers, for garnish 

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a champagne flute. 
Garnish with an edible flower. Serve Pinky Royale Vodka Cocktail chill.

christmas berry cocktail

Pinky Strawberry Granita
Skip the frozen margarita and sip on this frozen Smirnoff granita instead this festive season. It’s luscious red looking and tastes like frozen strawberries. What’s not to like about that! Don’t forget to make a big batch of this one because everyone loves a frozen drink. 
100 ml Smirnoff vodka 
450 gm strawberries 
200 ml water 
200 gm sugar 
2 tbsp lemon juice 
Mint sprigs and strawberry, for garnish 

Combine water and sugar in a medium saucepan. Stir over medium heat until sugar dissolves. 
Bring to boil. Remove from heat. Chill the syrup. 
Blend the strawberries in a processor until smooth. Add sugar syrup, vodka and lemon juice. 
Pour mixture into a shallow glass bowl or baking dish. Freeze until almost firm, stirring frequently with a fork every two hours. 
Continue freezing granita until firm (do not stir), at least 3 hours or overnight. 
Using a fork, scrape the surface of the granita to form crystals and scoop into serving glasses. 
Garnish with whole strawberries and mint sprigs. Serve Pinky Strawberry Granita Vodka Cocktail chill.

christmas berry cocktail

Bay Breeze
It doesn’t get any fruitier than this pineapple, apple and white cranberry juice cocktail!
15 ml Smirnoff No. 21 vodka 
50 ml pineapple juice 
50 ml white cranberry and apple juice
Tonic water
Lime/pineapple slices or mint sprigs to decorate 

Shake the first three ingredients well over ice until frosted.
Strain into a tall glass and top up with tonic to taste.
Dress with slices of lime/pineapple or mint sprigs. Serve Bay Breeze Vodka Cocktail chill.

christmas berry cocktail

Have yourself a very merry Christmas with these holiday sippers! 

*Drink Responsibly! 



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