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 Who says you can only munch on your fave grilled cheese sandwich?

Who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese sandwich? Crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, it is our comfort food! We fancy our grilled cheese so much that we wouldn’t mind munching on this cheesy affair be it any season or reason! 

But what if I tell you that’s not the only way you can have your grilled cheese sandwich? You can now turn this delish delight into a cheesy cocktail too! Just mix a little bit of vodka and a lot of cheese and you can literally have your sandwich in a cocktail glass. 

And, if that’s not a dream come true then I don’t know what is!

Inspired much? Well, we are too! So, get your mixers and your cheese ready because you’re about to have a grilled cheese martini! 

 Turn Your Usual Grilled Cheese Sandwich Into A Cheesy Martini

Grilled Cheese Martini 
How ‘dairy’ you like grilled cheese sandwich and not try grilled cheese martini? 

1000ml Smirnoff No.21 Vodka
500ml tomato juice
1 bunch basil 
1 handful orange cherry tomatoes
6 slice white bread
6 slice cheddar cheese
3 slices prosciutto 
Balsamic glaze
Coffee filter

On a griddle, butter one side of the 6 bread slices and place them butter-side down. Wait till they’re crispy but not brown. Place a slice of cheese on each of un-buttered side of toast. 
Let the cheese melt and flip. Repeat till the sandwich has a nice golden crust.
Take a mason jar, slice the sandwich into quarters and stuff them into the jar. 
Fill the jar with Smirnoff No.21 Vodka and allow it to infuse overnight. You will get cheese infused vodka.
Fill an ice cube tray with tomato juice and freeze.
Strain out the infused vodka using 2 coffee filters and set it aside.
On a griddle, put the prosciutto to make them crispy. Break them into smaller pieces and place them on a small plate. On another plate, pour some balsamic glaze.
Rim the martini glasses with balsamic glaze first and then add prosciutto bits.
In a shaker, muddle basil and cherry tomatoes. 
Pour infused vodka, and shake. 
In the same martini glasses, strain the drink, add tomato ice cubes. Top with two mini grilled pieces of cheese on a skewer and enjoy!  

 Turn Your Usual Grilled Cheese Sandwich Into A Cheesy Martini


Like what you see? Well, get grillin and cheesin’ already! 

*Drink Responsibly 



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