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Whether you’re a gin person or not, enjoy your gin every way!

To gin or not to gin, is not the real question. The question is do you know how to gin?  

Gin and Tonic has always been the classic combination when ordering this clear, neutral-tasting spirit. But that isn’t the only way to have it. 

There’s a “ginnaisance” of sorts going on where people are exploring the versatility of this alcohol. You too can join this bandwagon, but first, try out these multiple ways to serve gin. 

Think You Know How To Serve Your Gin Right?

Serve it neat
Did you know that not all gins taste the same? You can drink a glass of neat gin to savour its true flavours. Sip on different types of gins to see what you really enjoy. For instance, you might like the earthy taste of a Gordon’s Gin or a Tanqueray Gin that’s dry on the palate. To serve it neat, pour the gin in a cocktail glass without any mixer or ice and sip away. 

Serve it up
Another way to enjoy gin is to sip it cold. Cooling the drink changes the texture and gives you a different experience. So, serve it up! To do so, you need to add the gin and ice in a shaker and shake it thoroughly to cool it. Then, strain the gin into a cocktail glass and sip on this chilled alcohol. 

Serve it on the rocks
Whisky is not the only drink that can be served on the rocks. Gin can be served with ice cubes too. Place a few large ice cubes in an old-fashioned glass and pour the gin over it. Swirl the glass a few times and then enjoy your gin on the rocks. 

Serve it with other mixers
Tonic pairs well with gin but so do other mixers. Ginger ale, coke and fresh lime soda can be served with gin too. If you ever run out of tonic, you can always count on these handy mixers and enjoy your gin tonic-less. 

Serve it as a cocktail
Gin cocktails are a rage among cocktailers. From a gin Martini to a Gimlet or a Tom Collins, there are plenty of classic cocktails that can be made with gin. Here are a few gin cocktail recipes to get you started. 

Tanq ‘75
30 ml Tanqueray
20 ml Fresh lemon juice
20 ml Sugar syrup
Sparkling wine
Lemon peel

In a champagne flute, add all the ingredients and shake. Top with sparkling wine and garnish with a lemon peel.


Tom Collins
50ml Gordon's gin
25ml lemon juice
25ml sugar syrup
125ml chilled soda water

Add a liberal amount of ice in the glass followed by Gordon’s gin, lime juice and sugar syrup. Top it off with soda and garnish it with some lemon. 
Think You Know How To Serve Your Gin Right?


50 ml Tanqueray Gin
20 ml 1:1 ratio sugar syrup
20 ml fresh lime juice

Mix Tanqueray gin, lime and sugar syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add ice cubes and garnish with lime zest.

Whether you’re a gin person or not, enjoy your gin every way!

*Drink Responsibly!