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These McDowell’s Cocktails Will Give You A Delicious Reason To Catch Up With Your Yaars

Vanessa Luis
Plan your next get together with these cocktail recipes!

Catching up with your yaars is never quite the same. Gone are the days when two missed calls meant come to the terrace for a glass of McDowell’s. And, now it takes days or even months of planning to just host a get together over a weekend. 

Between hectic jobs and making time for the family, hanging out with our yaars has become a rare luxury. It often takes a birthday or a breakup party to finally plan that big meet. But what if there’s no reason, except that you want to hang out with a drink and your yaars. 

For days like these,  we have put together a list of delicious McDowell’s whisky-based cocktails. Just like your friendship, these McDowell’s cocktails are concocted with sweet, sour and a mix of flavours that make them very interesting. 

Here are 5 fun cocktails that will be loved by every kind of friend. 

McDowell’s Passion
Like your own yaars, this passionfruit and chaat masala cocktail is thoda meeta and thoda khatta.  

60ml McDowell’s Platinum
10ml Passion fruit Syrup
1/2 pinch Chaat Masala
45ml Chilled Apple Juice
3 Mint Leaves
Green apple fan/mint sprig, for garnish 

Add all the ingredients to a shaker. 
Shake and strain into a Collins glass.
Garnish and serve.

Mcdowell's cocktail

McDowell’s Breakfast
We can’t always wake up for breakfast with friends on a Sunday morning, but this breakfast flavoured cocktail with orange marmalade and fresh lime can be sipped on a Sunday evening too.
60ml McDowell’s Platinum
1tbsp Orange Marmalade
5ml Fresh Lime
Homemade Sugar Syrup for sprinkling
2 dashes Aromatic Bitters
Cinnamon stick and nutmeg, for garnish 

Shake all the ingredients with ice.
Pour in an old fashioned glass and style with 2 drops of angostura bitters on foam. 
Garnish and serve.

Mcdowell's cocktail
McDowell’s Freshness
Add a fresh new flavour to your your ususal tipple with this cocktail.
60ml McDowell’s Platinum
1/2 Malta Orange
15ml Lime Juice 
20ml Sugar Syrup
Soda, to top off
5 Sprigs Fresh Mint Leaves
Orange spiral and mint leaves, for garnish 

Muddle fresh mint and half orange chunks.   
Add whisky, lime juice and sugar syrup.  
Shake with ice.  
Strain into an ice-filled tall glass and top with soda.
Garnish and serve.

Mcdowell's cocktail

McDowell’s Mule
Surprise your friends with this new whisky take on the original Moscow Mule.
60ml McDowell’s Platinum
10ml Peach Syrup
4-5 Mint Leaves
15ml Fresh Lime
Ginger Ale, to top up
Peach slices, for garnish 

Tap mint & drop in a shaker along with peach syrup and lime juice.
Shake with ice and pour in a Collins glass.
Top with ginger ale.
Garnish and serve.

Mcdowell's cocktail

McDowell’s Infatuation                      
Apricot, bitters and that smooth whisky, now this is a flavour you’ll be instantly infatuated with.
60ml McDowell’s Platinum
15ml Apricot Syrup
3 dashes Aromatic Bitters
Orange peel and soft apricots, for garnish 

Stirred in mixing glass and pour in an old-fashioned glass.
Garnish and serve.

Mcdowell's cocktail

Doesn’t this sound like a delicious way to spend the weekend with your yaars? 

*Drink Responsibly!


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