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1y ago

Sour Ninja Cocktail

Neha D'Souza

You’re probably wondering what’s so ‘Ninja’ about this cocktail, and it’s an easy guess. This cocktail is quickly prepared, smooth and comes as a total surprise to your taste buds. Don’t let it slide past you, give it a try! 


50ml Tanqueray gin
Ginger Ale
30ml lemon juice
15ml egg white
7.5ml sugar
2 dash bitters
2 x ginger pieces 2cm x 2cm
Ginger cubes for garnish


Muddle ginger then pour in some Tanqueray Gin, lemon juice, egg white, sugar and bitters. Dry shake without ice, add ice then shake again and double strain in a coupe glass. Top with ginger ale. Garnish with the ginger cubes

*Drink Responsibly