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1y ago

Singleton Old Fashioned


While a glass of neat, unadulterated Singleton whisky is perfect on its own, every once in awhile, it's great to mix it up and dress up your dram. After all, there's no single way to sip on Singleton now, is there?
We promise you won't be disappointed when you try this alternative out!


60ml Singleton Glendullan 
20ml spiced maple syrup

For the spiced syrup
100ml 100% pure maple syrup
100ml hot water
2 big peels of lemon or orange
1 cinnamon stick 


For the syrup
Mix all the ingredients and keep it aside until it cools down to room temperature. 
Remove the stick and the peels.

For the cocktail
Mix Singleton Glendullan, spiced maple.
Pour it over ice-filled glass. And, stir.
Garnish with a yellow lemon or orange peel. 

P.S- Orange will work great if you can’t find a real lemon. But if you use lime, it will change the taste of the cocktail.