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Sangria Cocktail

Sangria, which means bleeding, is a cocktail that is named thus owing to its colour. The Romans, at around 200 BC came to Spain, caused a lot of bloodshed with their arrival and planted the vineyard that eventually bore fruits that were used to make red wine. It is this red wine that has been used to make punches as well as sangria in all of Spain. The locals used the red wine to make fruit punches, which was named sangria due to its colour resembling that of blood.


The Red Wine Sangria recipe includes using:

  • Four Seasons Red Wine
  • a shot of brandy
  • Ginger ale or club soda
  • 2 tablespoon of sugar
  • a bowl of sliced oranges
  • Lemons and limes
  • Ice


In case you are planning to make a White Wine Sangria, you will need:

  • Four Seasons White Wine
  • 2/3rd cup sugar or sugar syrup
  • sliced oranges or orange juice as substitute
  • sliced lemon and limes
  • some ginger ale or club soda
  • lots of ice

For making a Red Wine Sangria cocktail, mix the red wine and brandy along with the sugar and fruits and refrigerate it. Once the flavours are well blended, you can serve it chilled along with some additional ice if you prefer. You can also add ginger ale or club soda right before serving it to augment the flavours.


To make a White Wine Sangria cocktail, you would need to squeeze some lime as well as lemon wedges in a pitcher of Four Seasons White Wine. Put the rest of the fruit wedges into the pitcher along with the brandy and sugar. Refrigerate it overnight and serve by adding ginger ale or club soda right before serving with lots of ice.


Adding both red and white wine to your Sangria can give it an extraordinary punch.

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