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Wondering which glasses to pour your whisky in?
Wondering which glasses to pour your whisky in? Why aren’t all cocktails served in the same glass? Does a glass serve a purpose? 
Just like you wouldn’t serve an elite meal on paper plates, there are different types of glassware to be used for different drinks.
We are spoilt for choices when it comes to serving the right glass for the right serve. So, before you make a peg of whisky or a mojito, here’s a quick low-down of all the glassware to be used for the right occasion.
1. Cocktail Glass
The cocktail glass is an inverted cone bowl and is so classic, it’s an emoji. This glass is the best option for serving cocktails ‘straight up’ without ice. The stem ensures that the drink is not warmed up by your hands and it comes in a variety of sizes. 
Used for: Cosmopolitans, Diaquiris, Martini cocktails
The Right Glass For The Right Serve
2. Highball
A highball glass is a glass tumbler used to serve tall mixed drinks with plenty of ice. It is often used interchangeably with the Collins glass. 
Used For: Bloody Mary, Mojito, Whisky Highball. 
The Right Glass For The Right Serve
3. Old fashioned
This one’s straightforward. This glass is designed to hold large cubes of ice. Short tumblers often referred to as ‘lowball’ or ‘on the rocks’ glasses have a stout form which helps you drink with ease, thanks to its open mouth. This also makes it perfect for stirring without spilling your drink. 
Used for: Whisky sour, Negroni, Old Fashioned
The Right Glass For The Right Serve
4. White Wine Glass
White wine glasses have a smaller mouth and they tend to be taller. Typically used for wine and wine-based cocktails. 
Used For: White wine, Spritzer, Sangria
The Right Glass For The Right Serve
5. Red Wine Glass
Red wine glasses are larger and rounder in order to swirl your drink to bring out the flavour and aromas of the red wine before you take a sip. 
Used For: Red wine, Gin & Tonic
The Right Glass For The Right Serve
Image Credits: @saylee_padwal
6. Champagne flute
A champagne flute is essentially a thin stemmed glass with a tapered rim designed to contain the bubbles and stop it from going flat too quickly. Typically used for champagne and champagne-based cocktails. 
Used For: Mimosa, Bellini
The Right Glass For The Right Serve


7. Shot glasses 
These glasses need no introduction! The smallest glasses behind the bar used specifically for neat shots or small mixed drinks. 
Used For: Tequila, Boilermaker
The Right Glass For The Right Serve
8. Beer Glasses
Well, we have been served beers in different glasses. But have you ever asked why? Beer is served in glasses of a variety of styles and shapes, often especially treated (nucleated) to help the beer keep its head. 
Used For: Beers, ciders and ales
The Right Glass For The Right Serve

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