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When life gives you mixers, add vodka!

A relaxed afternoon indoors with your favourite rom-com playing and you’re sitting on your couch with snacks to keep you company. The only thing missing here is a chilled vodka soda to beat the heat, don’t you think?

If you’re as lazy as me, I bet you don’t like spending hours in the kitchen while you mix multiple ingredients to fix a cocktail or make a few snacks. The best thing about vodka? You don’t require a lot of ingredients to make a basic cocktail. 

These mixers go great with your glass of vodka

1. With soda
Vodka soda is by far the most refreshing drink there is! Seriously, can you deny it? If you’re someone who likes your vodka based drinks to not be too heavy on flavour, soda is the perfect mixer for you. It’s fresh and doesn’t have a flavour of its own. Don’t forget to add that lime wedge though!

Mixing Your Vodka Is A Lot Easier That You Think

2. With tonic water
When you’re mixing Smirnoff vodka with tonic water, make sure to use a good quantity of tonic water and garnish with rosemary or mint leaves. What you choose as garnishing can make or break your drink, no kidding.

Mixing Your Vodka Is A Lot Easier That You Think

3. With orange juice
I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t have a soft spot for orange juice. Could there be something more versatile than our good old orange juice? It goes well with breakfast just as well as it does with vodka! The citrus in orange juice compliments the taste of vodka extremely well, don’t you think?

Mixing Your Vodka Is A Lot Easier That You Think

4. With grapefruit
What I love about DIY cocktails? You can experiment with measurements as per your taste buds and keep making alterations until you’re happy with the final taste. When mixing grapefruit juice with vodka, make sure to balance it off with soda and lime juice, simply so the grapefruit taste isn’t the only thing you can taste in your delicious cocktail. All you need to do is make sure it’s grapefruit season.

Mixing Your Vodka Is A Lot Easier That You Think

5. With lime and sugar
A fancier version of fresh lime water, vodka with lime and sugar is just what you need to beat the heat this summer. Add equal parts of lime juice and sugar syrup and pour some Smirnoff in it depending on how mild or strong you like your drink. Top it up with oodles of ice and what you have in front of you is a delicious cocktail! Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself.

Mixing Your Vodka Is A Lot Easier That You Think

The key to any vodka based cocktail is lots and lots of ice and making a lipsmackin’ vodka cocktail could not get simpler than this!

*Drink responsibly!


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