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Making a perfect cocktail is an art!

Women’s Day is upon us, and we’re super stoked!
For those of you who want to thank that special lady who has made a difference in your lives, go for something personal over the usual generic gifts!
After all, for a day that's all about her, the gift needs to be a personal one too!

But, do remember that it’s not just Women’s Day that you can pamper her on.  

Put together the best cocktail gift basket you can to make her feel special on any day of the year!
She’ll surely love to toast the products in this handy guide.

Back To The Basics
Whenever you’re wanting to make cocktails at home, it is necessary to have all the essential bar tools lined up. Add these cocktail tools to your basket and she’ll be able to create almost any cocktail she’d like at home!

Make The Perfect Cocktail Gift Basket For Your Lady Friends

Acrylic & Gold Bar Set – The Label Life

Shake It Up
Much like a baker, a bartender needs to get his/her proportions right in order to mix up a great cocktail.
And for that to happen, a cocktail shaker is a perfect addition to the basket. Once she knows what goes into a mojito, a shaker will help her mix up the perfect batch for guests, all in a jiffy!

perfect cocktail
Prisma Cocktail Shaker – Nicobar 

Sugar, Spice, And All Things Nice
Spices can add the perfect nostalgia-induced flavours to cocktails, and sugar can make any drink festive. Toss a bundle of spices, sugars, and salts into the basket so her cocktails are zesty and layered, just like her personality!
Make The Perfect Cocktail Gift Basket For Your Lady Friends

The Perfect Pour
Almost all cocktail recipes call for specific styles of glassware that go best with the drink. Although you’ll find hundreds of pieces to choose from, make sure to stick to your original theme. Pick a style that’s evergreen, stylish, and durable to add to your basket.

perfect cocktail

The Morning Glory Glass Tumbler – India Circus 

By The Book
While your friend may be a pro when it comes to whipping up the best recipes, she may still need to hit refresh once in a while. Gift her a page-turner that’ll inspire her to concoct her own potions while using recipes old and new!
Make The Perfect Cocktail Gift Basket For Your Lady Friends

An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails: 50 Classic Cocktail Recipes, Tips, and Tales – Amazon India 

Pass The Munchies
No cocktail party is ever complete without something to munch on. Make sure your basket includes a good mix of bar foods like popcorn, nuts, olives, and chips!

perfect cocktail
Ready to get everything all wrapped up?


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