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Sometimes two ingredients is all it takes!

While I’m not a whisky with soda person, I don’t end up experimenting with cocktail recipes in the kitchen for two reasons - A. I’m extremely lazy and B. I’m easily overwhelmed by cocktail recipes, given how fancy they look. But I recently discovered that fixing cocktails is not as tough as it looks and today is definitely the best day of my life. Making whisky cocktails is not a difficult task when you have simple recipes at your disposal and basic ingredients in your kitchen. Especially cocktails that literally require just two ingredients to go with whisky. 

Give a break to your traditional whisky soda and fix yourself a Talisker cocktail with these easy to find ingredients. It’s pretty easy, really!

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150 ml ginger ale
50 ml Talisker whisky 
Lime juice
Ice cubes

- In a tall glass, add some ice cubes to it. Squeeze half a lime on top of it.

- Pour 50 ml of Talisker whisky into the glass and top it up with 150 ml of ginger ale. Stir it well and add a lemon slice on top. Voila!

How To Ace The Talisker Skye Rider With 2 Ingredients
Scottish Licensed Trade News 

Enjoying a Talisker Skye Rider doesn’t have to be a whole task when you have 2 ingredient recipes like this one that you can try at home.

*Drink Responsibly!