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Time to spice things up!

If you thought oregano belonged only on top of a pizza, well, we’ve got news for you. Yep, here’s a cocktail made with vodka infused with oregano which adds in a little bit of spice. It’s mixed with hibiscus, to give you that floral touch which will definitely surprise your palate. But I must warn you, it’s an advanced drink.

So, if you really want to up your cocktail game by experimenting with unique ingredients, you’ve got to try this one for sure! So, are you ready for this one?


30 ml Ketel one Vodka infused with oregano
10 ml Pisco
20 ml Green tea and hibiscus
7.5 ml Indian botanical spirit
15 ml Lime juice
Fresh mint, for garnish
1. Infuse Wild Marjoram (Oregano) which gives earthy, minty and pungent flavour.
2. Make hibiscus flower and green tea syrup which gives floral and dryness to the drink.
3. Add Pisco as it gives a fresh aroma and a sweet taste.
4. Lastly, add the in-house Campari which we call it as Indian Botanical spirit. Indian botanical spirit balances all the flavour in this cocktail.
5. Shake and serve. 
6. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.


 Now that you’ve figured out how up your cocktail game with oregano, get mixing already!

*Drink Responsibly!