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Vodka is usually the drink of the hour for many partygoer, especially when mixed with fun flavours creating a nice cocktail – one made to match all moods.
Here is a list of fun, flirty, and flavorful cocktails which you can make yourself using Smirnoff vodka.
Believe it or not, there’s one for everyone! 
But, only as long as you remember to drink these delicious cocktails responsibly. 
1. Smirnoff Early Riser
A dash of lime and a dash of spice for the one who likes it hot!
30ml Smirnoff Vodka
1 celery stalk
10ml grape juice 
10ml lemon juice
10ml sugar syrup 
2 drops of tabasco, preferably green 
In a mixing shaker, add the cut celery stalk along with the sugar syrup and shake.
Add the Smirnoff vodka and the grape and lemon juices. Shake well. 
Add Tabasco and ice and stir.  
Strain into a glass full of ice. 
For that extra fun, decorate the drink with leftover celery stalk. 
Fun, Fruity & Flirty – Smirnoff Cocktails For All Seasons!
2. Very Berry Cosmopolitan 
Flirty and fruity, this one’s a classic!

30ml Smirnoff vodka
1tsp lemon juice
1tsp honey 
4-5 raspberries 
Bubbly white wine 
In a shaker, mix well the Smirnoff vodka, lime juice and honey. 
Grind the raspberries, strain and add to the mixture.
Salt the rim of a coupe glass, then pour the mixtures in it and top it up with a bubbly white wine.

Fun, Fruity & Flirty – Smirnoff Cocktails For All Seasons!
PS: You can also use these flavoured salts to rim your cocktail glass. Read here.

3. Raspberry Cooler
The perfect coolant, for a hot day by the pool!

30ml Smirnoff vodka
1tsp vanilla syrup
3-4 raspberries
A hint of tonic water
In a shaker, add the Smirnoff vodka, crushed raspberries and vanilla syrup. 
Shake well and strain into a tall glass.

Fun, Fruity & Flirty – Smirnoff Cocktails For All Seasons!
4. Flirty Feels 
Who doesn’t like cranberries?

30ml Smirnoff Vodka
20ml cranberry juice
10ml club soda
Cranberries, lime wedges and mint for garnish (optional)
Mix and shake all the ingredients well.
Serve in a glass topped with ice
Garnish of your choice 
Fun, Fruity & Flirty – Smirnoff Cocktails For All Seasons!
5. Lemon Spritz
Refreshing and every bit tangy, this one’s for you! 
30ml Smirnoff vodka
10ml lemon juice
20ml club soda
Lemon wedges and mint to garnish
Add the Smirnoff vodka and lemon juice with ice in a shaker. 
Pour in a tall glass over crushed ice and garnish. 
Fun, Fruity & Flirty – Smirnoff Cocktails For All Seasons!
Take these easy recipes with a pinch of salt (literally, for a few of them) and serve up fun with Smirnoff!

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