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1y ago

Flavoured Vodkas That Prove They’re More Than Just Delicious Sippers

Vanessa Luis
Because there's more than one way to enjoy your vodka.

What Bournvita is to milk, flavours is to vodka. It makes drinking vodka a more delicious affair.

We understand that you may agree or disagree with us, but you can’t deny the fact that flavoured vodkas do exactly what they say they’ll do - they give vodka a flavourful punch, because honestly, vodka has no taste.

In fact, when you have one of these around, you can continue enjoying your vodka without having to load it up with sugary juices.

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And, that’s not it, you can even use them to concoct interesting cocktails with the unique flavour profile they bring to the (bar) table.

Check out these cocktails that you can make with flavoured Smirnoff vodka.

1. Vanilla Frozen Dream
Flavoured Vodka:
Smirnoff Vanilla

Who doesn’t like that earthy sweet hint of vanilla? Whether it’s in your cake or your vodka, it makes for a delightful flavour.

45ml Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka
15ml Simple Syrup
½ Cup ice
1 Pineapple slice
1 Dash ground cinnamon
Pineapple wedge and cinnamon sticks, for garnish 

In a blender, combine all the ingredients.
Pour into a chilled glass and garnish.


2. Crushed Orange
Flavoured Vodka:
Smirnoff Orange

Give this orange cocktail an extra citrus-y punch with some Smirnoff Orange Vodka.

45ml Smirnoff Orange Vodka
60ml Pineapple juice
60ml Cranberry juice
Orange slice, for garnish

Fill the glass with all the ingredients.
Stir and garnish.



3. Espresso Martini
Flavoured Vodka:
Smirnoff Espresso

If there’s something that can make an espresso martini better, it’s some more espresso.

45ml Smirnoff Espresso Vodka
45ml Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur
45ml Espresso
20ml Honey
Handful of coffee beans, for garnish

Fill a shaker with ice cubes.
Add all the ingredients and shake.
Strain into a martini glass.
Garnish and serve.



4. Green Apple Lemonade
Flavoured Vodka:
Smirnoff Green Apple

Everyone likes a good vodka lemonade, but how about you give it a green apple punch this time?

45ml Smirnoff Green Apple
120ml Lemonade
Green apple slices, for garnish

Pour the ingredients in a glass.
Stir and garnish.


The next time you’re looking to add a new bottle of vodka to your home bar, give these flavoured ones a shot too.

*Drink Responsibly!