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If you’ve not jumped on the Kombucha bandwagon yet, consider this a crash course of sorts.
Kombucha is basically fermented, sweetened tea, known for its detoxing qualities.
Known to improve digestion, stimulate the immune system, and prevent arthritis and cancer, to just name a few. 
But what if we told you that you could jazz this tasty tea into a cocktail treat?
Our in-house expert and Brand Ambassador, Reserve Portfolio at Diageo – Zachary Abbott, tells you how!

What are the traditional uses for Kombucha?
Fit for daily consumption, this traditional Chinese probiotic is a modern-day Yakult without the YAK!!!
Archeologists have determined the origin of Kombucha to have originated in the Manchurian region of China.  As amazing as this is, scientists have also determined 10,000 BC to be the first recorded proof of alcohol being consumed recreationally in the Henan province.
With China’s rich alcohol history, and the fact that it is heavily reliant on natural ingredients and processes of fermentation and distillation, it is not surprising that something so beneficial like Kombucha would originate in the Land Of The Red Dragon.

8 benefits of kombucha tea

How To Procure Your Kombucha?
Personally, I prefer to make my Kombucha at home. To do this yourself, you’ll require SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), commonly called ‘mother’ or ‘mushroom’ which can be easily procured via the handy internet.
If that seems difficult, you can always pick up a bottle or two from your local supermarkets like Foodhall and Nature’s Basket, or again, order online.


Kombucha In Cocktails
Kombucha has many characteristics that mix well with cocktails; it’s tangy, has a little sugar, a little fizz, and a slight hint of fermentation. Easily replaceable with regular mixers, it also helps you maintain a healthy digestive tract and liver. But, before you get shaking things up, here’s a couple of pointers to follow.
Make sure to add the kombucha last to preserve the carbonation. Kombucha also varies in sweetness, so make sure to taste it before using it in a cocktail. Now that you know everything about the ‘buch, let’s get mixing, shall we?

Kombucha Highball

45ml Ketel One
45 Kombucha
25ml fresh lime juice
Mint leaves
Lime slice
Lots of ice
Soda water

Add ingredients into tall glass over ice, top with soda water, and garnish.

Tea with Johnnie

45ml Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky
25ml fresh lemon juice
45 ml Kombucha
Lemon wedge

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake hard
Dump into glass and enjoy on a hot day


Red Dragon Martini

45ml Tanqueray London Dry Gin
10ml Kombucha reduction (just heat slowly until it becomes a 2:1 syrupy consistency)
15ml dry vermouth
1 drop of orange bitters

All ingredients into a mixing glass and stir well over big ice
Strain and enjoy.

Kombucha And Tonic

45 ml Tanqueray
45ml Kombucha
15ml fresh lime juice
Grapefruit slice
Tonic water
Lots of ice

Add all ingredients into a cocktail glass over lots of ice.
Stir, garnish, and enjoy.


Get Kombucha-ing already, will you?

*Drink Responsibly


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