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Delhi, beat the winters like never before!

While the weather outside isn’t at its coldest just yet, it’s finally starting to feel a lot like winter. There’s a pleasant chill that makes you want to grab something hot and hearty to sip on. Keeping that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best winter cocktails available in the capital city right now. 

Cheers Delhi!

1. Punjabi Kranti, Punjab Grill
Keeping up with its theme, Punjab Grill brings to you the Punjabi Kranti. This is one of their specialty cocktails made with Smirnoff vodka No. 21 and orange juice and spiced up with jalapenos and chaat masala to add that much needed heat to warm you up. 

Delhiites, Warm Up With These Hot Winter Cocktails

2. Winter’s Call, The Irish House
Winter’s Call from The Irish House is a delicious drink on nights when the temperature drops a little more than you’d like. The Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky and spiced apple juice cocktail is served hot, making it the perfect dose to beat those winter blues. 

Delhiites, Warm Up With These Hot Winter Cocktails

3. Crystal Chai, Indian Accent
Indian accent packs a punch to your traditional chai, quite literally. Their Crystal Chai cocktail blends together the Captain Morgan Dark Rum punch and clarified scotch with Darjeeling tea and pineapple to give you a refreshing cocktail that will refresh you on a cold winter’s night. 

Delhiites, Warm Up With These Hot Winter Cocktails

4. Calypso Coffee, Nero-Le Meridien 
Why should tea-lovers have all the fun? For the caffeine enthusiasts, Nero at Le Meridien gives to you the Calypso Coffee. This invigorating cocktail is a mix of our Captain Morgan Dark Rum, coffee liqueur and whipped cream that could make for a good coffee replacement post 8pm. 

Delhiites, Warm Up With These Hot Winter Cocktails

5. Rum Punch, Tamasha
Tamasha sure knows how to add an Indian twist to its menu, cocktails included. The Rum Punch is a clove-infused Captain Morgan Dark Rum cocktail with spicy hints of pepper, mint and a fruity punch of pineapple and orange. It’s the ideal version of a spiced cocktail to keep you cozy this winter.  

Delhiites, Warm Up With These Hot Winter Cocktails

5. Masala Tea Sour, Taksim 
Masala tea is such an integral part of your winter mornings. Taksim extends this blissful experience to your winter evenings too with the Masala Tea Sour. This cocktail is a concoction of McDowell's whisky and masala tea that will warm up your spirits. But make sure neither you or your friends take to the wheel after sipping on this hearty cocktail. If your friend insists on driving, take the responsibility of tweeting to @No1_Yaari with hashtag #No1YaariPatrol and tag your friend. The No.1 Yaari Patrol will intervene and talk to your friend on Twitter. In fact, the whole Twitter community following the #No1YaariPatrol will pursue your friend be more responsible. 

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So, what do you plan on sipping this winter?

Images used are for representational purpose only 

*Drink Responsibly! 


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