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Same cocktail, new look, better experience.

Chai goes in a cup, beer goes in a mug and a Gin & Tonic goes in a tall glass, right? 

But what if you did not serve them in the traditional glass!

Sometimes you need to think outside the glassware box to get a little more cheer for your amazing concoctions. All you need are a few creative ideas to give your same old cocktail a totally new and mazedaar makeover.  

Here are some ideas for your creative drink station.

1. Watermelon Bowl
You can pour yourself a glass of gin and juice or use an empty watermelon shell to make this shareable watermelon bowl. This way you and your friends can enjoy a drink together, quite literally. 



2. French Press
The French press does not only belong in your kitchen. You can use it as a funky bar accessory to serve cocktails with a unique twist. 


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3. Cocktail Bottle
Experience the joy of sipping your drink straight out of the bottle (but responsibly) with this cocktail serving style. Because why should beer drinkers have all the fun.


4. Pineapple Cup
How about a pineapple cocktail served in an actual pineapple? Now that’s what you call a #Pineappleception 



5. Mason Jar
Mason jars were not only made for fruity smoothies. Repurpose them as cocktail vessels when serving a fruity punch. 


6. Apple Cups
Apple cider in an actual apple cup, that’s just straight out genius. Your guests will agree, so give it a go.


7. Flowerpot
Have you heard of sustainable cocktails, now, check out this sustainable glassware. It’s quirky and eco-friendly and definitely leaves behind a strong message. 


Get a little adventurous with your cocktails and give these creative serving ideas a shot. 

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*Drink Responsibly!


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