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Is there something that won't go along with Smirnoff?

When it comes to mixing your Smirnoff vodka, the sky’s the limit. Vodka is a colourless and flavourless spirit. You can mix pretty much everything, and it’ll still taste grand. 
But if you’re not sure what flavours to rely on, here are some tried and tested mixers that pair well with Smirnoff vodka. 

1. Lemonade
The vodka lemonade concoction is an age-old combination you’ll find on any bar menu. The lemonade gives the vodka a refreshing twist that makes it a total delight to sip on. You can rely on this mixer when you have no other mixers around, as you can literally just squeeze together lime and water to make a lemonade in no time. 

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2. Cranberry Juice
The sweet and tart flavours of cranberry juice make for a delicious mixer with vodka. It is the main flavour that goes into making a classic Cosmopolitan vodka cocktail too. You can recreate this cocktail at home or simply mix together vodka and cranberry juice on its own. 

#CocktailCode: 5 Mixers That Pair Perfectly With Smirnoff

3. Orange Juice
Orange juice and vodka or as a bartender would call it, a Screwdriver cocktail, is another reliable combination. It’s the easiest way to add flavour to neutral-tasting alcohol like vodka. You can use freshly squeezed orange juice or canned juice as a mixer for your vodka. 

#CocktailCode: 5 Mixers That Pair Perfectly With Smirnoff

4. Pineapple Juice
Fruit juices and vodka always makes for a winning combo. Another popular pairing is with pineapple juice. This mixer gives your vodka tropical vibes. Sip on this refreshing drink to feel the wind in your hair. 

#CocktailCode: 5 Mixers That Pair Perfectly With Smirnoff

5. Ginger Beer
The sharp and spicy flavour of ginger beer, when added to vodka, gives you a zesty drink to perk you up. This combination also happens to be the bases of the Moscow Mule cocktail. Smirnoff is the original vodka of choice when making a Moscow Mule. Read all about it here. So, if you have a Smirnoff vodka at hand, try this classic cocktail or simply mix the two and sip on it slowly. 

#CocktailCode: 5 Mixers That Pair Perfectly With Smirnoff
Special Mentions: Red bull, soda water and tonic also pair very well with a Smirnoff Vodka.
Try all these mixers to find which pairing you enjoy the most.  

*Drink Responsibly