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1y ago

5 Coffee Cocktails That Are Kaafi Exciting

Vanessa Luis
Some people want to have fun. I just want to have coffee.

I have a serious relationship with my morning coffee, which has recently made its way to my evening cuppa too… cocktail. I’m talking about a coffee cocktail, of course! And as you might have guessed by the name, it’s a li'l bit of coffee and a wee bit of alcohol. Sounds like the love child of a bartender and a barista, doesn't it? 

Well, thank God for whoever came up with that, because coffee cocktails have made my life brew-tiful.

From Espresso Martinis to Cold Brew Cocktails, these cocktails make a regular “am coffee” into an extra special “pm coffee” in kaafi saare exciting ways!

Have you tried one yet? If not, check out these bars that serve up the most interesting coffee cocktails across the country. 

White Russian, Bootlegger, Bengaluru
(Vodka, Coffee Liqueur and Cream)
Coffee, cream and a little alcohol in between, these are the ingredients to make a perfectly good White Russian. Mmm…now that’s what you call a delicious adult version of a milkshake. Bootlegger in Bengaluru whips up this classic recipe for you every time you need a little caffeine kick. 

white russian

Spiced Espresso, Chipstead-Taj Coromandel, Chennai
(Coffee Bean Infused Vodka, Espresso, Cinnamon and Sugar Syrup)
Chennai is like our kaapi capital. You’ll never run out of options to satiate your caffeine cravings but if you want your kaapi with some alcohol, head to Chipstead at Taj Cormandel. Chipstead blends together South India’s two favourite ingredients, spices and coffee in its signature cocktail called the Spiced Espresso. 
spiced espresso

Deja Brew, PCO, Delhi
(Coriander Infused Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, Fresh Espresso, Orange Curacao, Campari)
A sip of Deja Brew at PCO, Delhi will bring back those familiar memories of your favourite espresso but with an added twist. Long story short, it is so amazing, you’ll be déjà vu-ing about Deja Brew days after too. 
Deja Brew

Black Russian, Comorin, Gurugram
(Vodka and House Coffee Liqueur)
The Black Russian is like black coffee, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you like your coffee black and your vodka sharp, this is the cocktail for you. Head to Comorin in Gurugram that makes a mean-ass version of this drink that will keep you energised and lively all evening. Thank you, caffeine! 
Black Russian

Espresso Martini Twist, The Runway Project By PizzaExpress, Mumbai
(Vodka, Espresso, Coffee Liqueur and The Runway Project’s Special Twist)
What’s classier than a martini? An espresso martini, of course! With layers of espresso, coffee liqueur, vodka and a special ingredient (The Runway Project calls their twist), this cocktail feels like a party in your mouth. When in Mumbai, head out for this evening cuppa with PizzaExpress’s signature pizzas and consider your day sorted. 
espresso martini

How’s that for satiating your caffeine cravings? 

*Drink Responsibly!